August 2006

Closeup of a small Rhododendron bud Closeup of water on a fallen autumn leaf
Closeup of a pink Rhododendron bud just opening A pink-flowered rhododenron bush Closeup of a partly-open magnolia flower
Closeup of Native Lilac flowers in late afternoon light

July 2006

Closeup of rain drops on a Birch tree
Closeup of rain drops on leaves Autumn leaves in the foreground Closeup of Brugmansia arborea flowers and fruit Paper coffee cups hanging from the top of a piece of metal on a construction site Closeup of a donkey's nose Michael leading a miniature horse
A free fern frond, against a dark background Closeup of dew on a fallen leaf A man on a bicycle finished in chrome, and with white-walled tyres Closeup of a red rhododendron bud Closeup of a yellow rhododendron buds
A wet dusk street scene in Gouger St, Adelaide Water drops frozen as they fall over a small waterfall Fallen Brugmansia flowers lying on the ground Closeup of the twisted profile of the branches of a tree An orange warning flag that reads 'BOT GDNS' Closeup of a small blue or violet-coloured flower
Closeup of a small fern frond
Closeup of a leaf with dust inside a big drop of water

June 2006

View of the lake and valley at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Closeup of frost-covered grass Theen resting against a tree
The garden on a misty morning Michael on the pommel horse at a gymnastics competition
Sunlight filtering though autumn leaves Closeup of a large trumpet-shaped orange flower Rain drops on Birch trees against a misty background

May 2006

A gutted building being turned into apartments An empty bench, looking out over the sea at dusk The sun setting over the sea (behind clouds)
Michael breathing in anaesthetic prior to an operation Looking from outside the South Australian Musuem, across to North Terrace
Extreme closeup of a dead fly
An autumn-leaf-covered hillside Closeup of autumn sycamore tree leaves

April 2006

Closeup of a pink coral lily flower A life buoy, below a sign reading 'fire water'
linesmen working on power lines Closeup of a small maze made from lego
Michael and Marty doing a spot of woodwork Self-portrait of Michael in the mirror White graffiti on a blue wall, with the shadow of a sign on it
A partly eaten chocolate Easter Bilby Michael riding his bike Autumn leaves against a blue sky Michael hanging from a pole, chating to a guy on a Segway
Closeup of a wood and metal handrail Looking up at a fountain/sculpture with a deep blue sky beyond Closeup of a centipede climbing down a mossy bank Deep sea specimens in glass display jars

March 2006

Closeup of an orange-painted metal grille Closeup of a painted nut, bolt, and chain Leaves submerged in reddish water Closeup of crepe myrtle flowers Michael riding his bike, with his head cropped from the picture
Closeup of a tartan picnic rug Crepe myrtle flowers against blue sky Closeup of crystals of eucalyptus resin The growing point of a tiny olive plant Closeup of an old electrical conduit in a brick wall Wakefield House, seen across Victoria Sq, Adelaide The lift building of the Adelaide Central Market, lit by early evening sun
Pressed-metal surface of the Adelaide Center for the Arts Theen looking at a Festival brochure, and a map Closeup of hand-painted terracotta tiles Theen sanding a papier mâché mask A tiny plant, growing in the gap between concrete blocks Closeup of tempura prawns Orange safety netting tied to a post with black nylon ties
Three papier mache masks A salvia plant growing through the gap between bricks Stencilled lettering on the side of a wooden box Extreme closeup of a spider Michael at a playground
Scratched red paint on the top dome of a piece of playground equipment Theen's blurry face moving towards the camera A bee on sedum flowers Closeup of black and orange-backed beetles crawling on a seedhead.

February 2006

Wooden handrails at a playground Grass with a path and play equipment in the background Glow-sticks, looped into circles A wisteria tendril, curling winding around itself A lemon surrounded by bougainvillea bracts and dried leaves
Closeup of the read/write head of a hard disk Closeup of an orange and yellow flower Closeup of an fluffy mauve flower The shadow of a large spring Michael and Theen walking down a narrow gap between trees and a fence The underside of a corrugated iron roof
Hawthorn leaves and berries Trees reflected in water, with stalks of grass in the foreground Closeup of a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Closeup of a bee, collecting pollen The voice coil from the read/write head of a hard disk Back-lit bougainvillea flowers Closeup of a yellow flower
Closeup of canna lily seeds Michael swinging, upside down, on a bar Closeup of geranium flowers Closeup of a drinking fountain Water gushing from a downpipe Michael riding his bike Playground climbing equipment, made from chains
A leaf fragment, on a bed of bark chips Michael hanging from playground equipment

January 2006

A group of sunflowers
A Buddleia plant silhouetted against a sunset sky The silver feet of a Spider-Man doll, hanging upside down Michael beneath a tree at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Irrigation pipes and control wires A quiet hills lane Closeup of an apple with tooth marks on it An arrangement of nuts (nut and bolt nuts) on the top of a tin
A pair of cupboard door handles on orange doors Toy from a chocolate egg, perched on a knee The wood panelled interior of 1930's lift An empty street scene Jet contrails in the dusk sky, seen past a mess of wires Closeup of a succulent plant Closeup of a succulent plant with water drops sitting on it
Seedheads silhouetted against a dusk sky A couple of dumpsters Michael and Theen with puffed-out hair Closeup of a purple Hebe flower A child walking past toys that are scattered on the floor A blue cart, abandoned by the side of the road Seed-heads silhouetted against a sunset sky
Closeup of a wooden toy fish An overhead traffic light, surrounded by power lines A decaying wooden frame Raindrops on a canvas chair An end-on view of a pair of wooden benches Closeup of a red object gemsones in a lolly (candy) dispenser
Michael holding a glow-stick next to his face Water flowing over a sculpture in front of the South Australian Museum

December 2005

Words sewn onto a substrate, intermeshed to create related phrases Detail of a quick-assembly tubular framework Looking up, in the rear courtyard of the South Australian Musuem Closeup of Christmas baubles on a tree
A black egg, cracked into some cooking Sculpting a face, in clay Beach scene Sand dunes, and clouds in a bright blue sky Theen playing Quake Michael, jumping into a swimming pool Michael holds up his hands to show them wrinkled from being in the pool
Three replica mobile phones, and one real one Dried seed heads, backlit by the evening sun Michael jumping in gym class Michael runs past, against a blurred background Closeup of orange and red trumpet-shaped flowers A dog, jumping for a ball
Michael leaping across the lawn Closeup of a baby tooth Closeup of a CD with a hole burnt into the metalized layer An abandoned shopping cart The price board at a fish and chip shop A clothes peg, decorated as Santa, and used as a hair clip Theen looking at Michael
Michael posing as Spider-Man, while jumping on a trampoline Bright orange, whispy, clouds Plates of sushi Michael and Theen watching the LCD monitor of a camcorder Michael being chased through the house A bright yellow car-wash, against a blue sky

November 2005

Closeup of moss and tiny plants Red anemone flower against a green background Closeup of a geranium seed Roadside gazanias in Torrenville, South Australia Silhouette of a seedhead Closeup of a small blue flower and buds
Water gushing from a downpipe Shadows cast on pavement by picket fences A yellow pedestrian sign Closeup of red foliage Closeup of a small flower head Sign reading 'Nurse, Wednesdays, 9.30 - 1.00' Detail of a switch on a high-voltage power distribution line
Closeup of Mediterranean Red Valerian flowers The spines of a number of books Closeup of a white lily flower An abstract pattern of light on a white wall Power lines against an early evening sky The interior of an old washing machine drum Flat metal sculptures of people
An array of paper planes, lying on the ground Closeup of Michael's eyes seen through a Darth Vader mask A man recording a school concert Orange safety cones, lined up next to a wall A semi-spherical light fittiing Michael bouncing a basketball Plastic chairs and tables
Closeup of a sculpture outside the South Australian Museum A sculpture outside the South Australian Museum Closeup of the power supply of a rack-mountable server

October 2005

Closeup of an Anemone seedhead Closeup of pistachio nuts
An empty park bench in the middle of a lawn Closeup of Erigeron flowers Closeup of a red Euphorbia flower Closeup of a soft toy tiger Three lollipops being held by a hand Closeup of a purple osteospermum flower Michael and Theen playing with sand, at the beach
Pebbles on wet sand A steel windmill, against a blue sky Abstract coloured squares Closeup of the leaves of a lily Red-stemmed plants Utility wires, against a blue sky and the moon Detail of the back of a 1966 VW
The tap on the side of a rainwater tank A family of swans on the River Torrens Leaves about to drop from an orchid An old van abandoned in the corner of a paddock Rotary chocolate coating pans A rusty wrought-iron grave Closeup of Mediterranean Red Valerian flowers
Michael blows the seeds from a dandelion flower Michael and Theen climbing a tree overhanging a river A glass of red wine, back-lit white chicken's feet at yum cha Closeup of apple blossom Michael lit from below as he plays at a light-table Three headstones in a cemetery
A bent road sign

September 2005

Closeup of the center of an arctotis flower The tropical rainforest conservatory at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Closeup of Chinese Redbud flowers Close-up of a flamingo's head
Waiting in roller-coaster cars for the ride to begin Motion blurred photo of a red post-box Closeup of an arctotis flower closeup of an arctotis flower A spring on a wooden gate The interior of Centennial Hall, at the Royal Adelaide Show Shadows of a Buddleia on green shade-cloth
Young shoots on a tree Michael poses next to Roboraptor A red cyclamen flower against a green background A closeup of a burning match Closeup of a native violet plant Closeup of an Arctotis bud. Closeup of the stamens on a Rhododendron flower
A wooden garden seat, nestled amongst flowers A stand of Arctotis flowers next to a road Pink flowers on a succulent plant, by the roadside The corner of North Terrace and King William St, by night Closeup of a blue Anemone flower Closeup of a Cistus flower Closeup of a Wisteria flower
Closeup of an Arctotis flower The intersection of two sets of power distribution wires Closeup of an Arctotis flower Closeup of a pink rose A spray of flowers on a Mallow

August 2005

A glowing, orange-painted window at night Closeup of an almond blossom 'Make' magazine, and the book 'Growing up with Lucy' Closeup of bamboo shoots Closeup of a spray of Orchid flowers Closeup of yellow Jonquils against a blue background A toy wooden horse and soldier
Raindrops on wet clover grass Headlights behind drops of rain on a windscreen Ends of dried bamboo sticks Closeup of a CPU socket A roadworker and his signs dirt and rain on a window Bright signs, reflected in puddles
Closeup of pink magnolia buds Closeup of a hairy magnolia bud Closeup of an Iris flower Orangey-yellow Lichen, growing on a branch Rain drops on a Buddleia branch A pristine wok A green garden scene, with a cubbyhouse in the background
Closeup of a bookmarked travel brochure Seedpods of a Plane tree, against a blue sky Macro of the Volume-Up key on an Apple keyboard A honeyeater (bird) Closeup of a bee gathering pollen from a lavender flower A closeup of an arctotis bud Michael hanging from playground equipment
'ride a bike instead' graffitied across a billboard The silhouette of a head (wearing headphones), against a a TV screen Magnolia buds, and the gnarly branches they grow on

July 2005

Drops of water on rose leaves Closeup of a grass-like bush A dried grass seed-head aginst rusty corrugated iron
Closeup of a vine with tiny purple flowers A fire-plug marker Two views out the same scratched window Deep red sunset over city skyline A view across the lake at Waterfall Gully Rain drops and a heart-shaped sticky thing on a window Raspberry Friand
A sea of sweets, divided by wooden boxes A red and white fire plug marker Autumn leaves in the foreground Government House, Adelaide, with North Adelaide in the distance Footprints on lightly drizzled-on pavement Michael sitting on a bronze pig sculpture in Rundle Mall A beetle, sitting on a dried lavender flower
Closeup of moss growing in, and between, bricks White jonquils against a blue background A face-like plant Sunset shadows on a wall Interactive sculpture of a little green guy lifting weights Several Mangosteen fruit, on a plate Closeup of a CPU cooler (fan and heatsink) with a motherboard in the background
A fire hydrant A spray of yellow jonquils, seen from behind Arctotis leaves with rain drops on them Closeup of a Euphorbia flower-head Closeup of a wooden dinosaur toy Closeup of dried grass-like plants, with their ends cut off A purple Arctotis flower

June 2005

Barbed wire against a blue sky and buildings The end of a wire, hooked and tensioned onto a wooden post Closeup of yellow daisy flowers Machine tracks in soft sand An aircraft silhouetted against clouds and sunset
Fence chain links and wires, against an water background A dried sedum seedhead Drops of rain on a poinsettia bract Closeup of a Hollyhock flower and buds The label on the neck of a beer bottle The tip of a Nasturtium runner Theen flying a kite at the beach
A single wire earth return wire and transformer Closeup of the hands and digits of a clock A pair of wires sitting on a bed of pine needles Mural showing a man in a diver's helmet ascending an escalator Closeup of fluffy grass seeds Drops of rain on the rear windscreen, and blurred car lights Lights seen though drops of rain
Tree Dahlia flower against the sky Three fence pickets silhouetted against foliage Squiggles of tar on a road surface Tyre tracks in soft sand A large head of tiny yellow flowers Michael poses with his light sabre (light saber) Extreme closeup of a moth
Closeup of a young palm frond Closeup of a newspaper wrapped in wet plastic A fine layer of fresh grass backlit by the sun Closeup of a salvia flower

May 2005

Reflection of a boardwalk in the water
Building edge against blue sky Mangrove roots poking up through mud Sculptures of chooks made from chicken wire Red paper flag against a stormy sky Closeup of a new growth on a white succulent plant Closeup of the tip of a salvia flower Michael sits on two swings at once
Closeup of a dried agapanthus seed-head Theen in mid-air, jumping from a low wall Closeup of a shell on wooden boards Closeup of pink Japanese Anemone flowers Closeup of buds of a succulent plant The shadow of a chair-back An abandoned wool store in Port Adelaide
A rusty shed door with peeling red paint Weeds on a deserted street Closeup of a Bougainvillea flower Closeup of Plane tree leaves, backlit by the sun Closeup of a transition between wall types Corrugated iron, against a blue sky Closeup of Lantana flowers from below
A pink singlet hanging in a shop window Looking skyward, in Rundle Mall, Adelaide Looking through the rose arch at Meander Cottage Michael preparing to catch a velcro ball Hands holding out dried grass to feed cows Hands moving pieces on a draughts board Closeup of the top of a silver pepper mill
Closeup of a bright red flower Closeup of the carcass of a kangaroo or wallaby

April 2005

A warning road sign against a blue sky Closeup of flowers with the petals fallen off Orange safety markers lying on the ground
Buildings silhouetted against a dusk sky A stick and autumn leaves in water Closeup of small red fruit Abstract water reflection patterns A small star, made from salt dough A bowl of potpourii Closeup of a Ginger Lily flower
Michael checks his teeth in a convex mirror Bright orange Meccano cogs A small graffiti tag on a light pole Closeup of a face made from metal strips Michael at his school sports day A wall and mesh fence in a car-park Beach view at Normanville
Tai Chi demonstration Colourful feather-like banners Closeup of sand dune vegetation Dried seed heads An autumn streetscape Foamy water seen from above Hand feeding a hen
Closeup of dried Sunflower seeds View from inside a car going through a car-wash machine Fine spider webs on an outdoor oil lamp A window with lots of small panes The sea and sky beyond a jetty Theen smiling

March 2005

Tiny yellow flowers Self portrait of Martin Kenny, 1978 Long shadows of pedestrians People at the corner of Gawler Place and North Terrace Amaryllis Belladonna flowers Michael with binoculars to his eyes
A potted bamboo plant and its shadow Hands reaching out to a big noughts and crosses board Gas meters and letter-boxes Layers of rust Portrait of a homemade doll Michael and Theen building a wooded model truck Headshot of a spacesuit
Prickly pear with a Stobie pole in the background Early autumn leaves floating in a puddle Crepe Myrtle flowers in summer People pass by a demolition site in Rundle Mall A roll of old foam Michael playing the thongaphone Hawthorn berries in the Adelaide Hills
Orange bunting surrounding newly planted lawn Late afternoon sun on dandelions A car approaches a leafy street corner in the Adelaide Hills Oak seedlings covering the ground Dried Lotus seed pods Eucalypt flowers on a tree A mass display of cyclamen flowers
Closeup of a sage flower Closeup of dying Hydrangea flowers Closeup of a Thyme plant Amaryllis Belladonna flowers

February 2005

Letterboxes Closeup of a an Agapanthus seed-head Michael looking irritated Little containers of chilli sauce Michael rolling downhill on his skateboard Dried Bamboo sticks
A red Hollyhock flower Autumn-coloured vines leaves Red Ang Pow packets for Chinese New Year A bowl of uncooked prawns My garden with and without my glasses Closeup of Cedar tree needles A broken light bulb
Closeup of a wet Rose flower An orange spray-painted arrow Bougainvillea bracts covering the ground A car in a driveway A bright red postbox, Sydney 1976 Yellow daisies Reading glasses, coffee cups, and a chocolate box
An Arctotis seedhead Closeup of Lippia flower A Magpie The underside of a see-saw seat People hand-washing their cars Closeup of Lavender Closeup of a dead tree twig
Drops of water on a pond

January 2005

A closed-up Arctotis flower Beetle on a dandelion
A tiny spider on the petals of a flower Michael biking at a skate ramp A shipping container Closeup of silk clothing A very close portrait of Michael Chopsticks and chilli-sauce Portrait of Bill Malkin
Closeup of two green bottles Closeup of a buddleia flower Sign reading 'safe routes to school', 'cross here with care' Closeup of a cubbyhouse Wide shot of a cubbyhouse Rambutan fruit, whole and halved A flag in the foreground of a jetty
A red umbrella against a blue sky A yellow tag on a wooden pylon Closeup of a Lotus flower A white handrail against a blue sky Closeup of a Water Lily 40 candles and a cake Red paper lanterns against a blue sky
Sign reading 'Duck Livers' Closeup of pink hydrangea flowers Jetty, beach, and sky at night Adelaide seen from Montefiore Hill at night Closeup of a stack of old red bricks Fireworks Closeup of Fennel seed heads
Bougainvillea flowers against a blue sky

December 2004

The colourful sails of a model kite A collage of two images of a brush fence Textures on a sandstone surface Facade and dome of Adelaide Arcade A cyan pattern on a dark background
A buddleia plant dripping with rain Faded packing tape around the trunk of a tree Coloured stickers on a window A closeup of a sparkler burning Closeup of some wetland reeds A macro photo of a geranium stamen A macro photo of a marigold flower
Closeup of a manhole cover A closeup of a wasp A thistle leaf backlit by the evening sun A large yellow wall against a bright blue sky Closeup of fluffy seeds A tree swing and a kid's chair Headshot of a Brolga
Long exposure of Gum trees Closeup of a parrot's wing Closeup of woody flower stems Orange Lily flowers An abstract pattern of headlights and tail-lights Overexposed bowl of cherries Queueing to meet Santa
Blurry view of a see-saw Closeup of Lantana buds Closeup of Marvel of Peru flower Michael sits proudly on a ride-on mower Rushing through the aisles of a shop

November 2004

A single lemon on a lemon tree Streetscape with an orange school crossing sign in the foreground Pink backlit geraniums An orange sodium vapour lamp Flames in a grate The wrist of a spacesuit Palm trees tied in place
A lemon on its tree Coastal vegitation, with the sea in the background A spiral pattern in hair Michael doing his homework Steel poles and cables Michael on a David Jones escalator Railway rail and sleeper
The word 'poor' sprayed over other graffiti Bamboo stems against a blue sky Footpath paving Seagulls standing in shallow water A pattern of roof tiles Theen and Michael in a paddle-boat Cockatoo's head
Colourful paddle-boats moored on the river Kangaroo Paw flowers against a blue sky School concert audience Michael's hair done up with glitter and stickers Hydrangea leaves and flowers Small child in a brightly coloured hat An interior photo at the South Australian Museum
The reflection of a woman looking through shattered glass Deep sea plants, preserved in jars

October 2004

A shop display of gift foods A line of cars and fence-posts Michael on the screen of our toy view camera
Red fire equipment against lime green bricks A closeup of a rusty sculpture A mauve-flowered bush Pink cactus flowers Election posters, and a 'Keep Left' sign Michael on a rotary swing A seagull flies overhead
A pink Cistus flower and foliage A brightly coloured ice cream vendor's trailer A pigeon sitting on a wire, lit by a sunset Yellow flowers on a climbing rose The sun shining through a leaf A dark street, lit by a single light Michael hangs from a monkey bar
Dry grass seeds in bright light Euphorbia flower heads A collection of Australian stamps and coins from the early '70s Several planes of Cycad leaves A dinosaur mural on a brick wall A cluster of caterpillars on a tree A sign reading 'Do not dump rubbish offenders'
Theen works on a Meccano crane Sharp blades of tall grass A bright yellow tree stump A view into the street, past an empty table A cluster of seeds hanging on a tree A peg and a tiny spider hanging from a clothes line Michael doing his animation

September 2004

Orange and pink Arctotis flowers Bees on Lavender flowers A four-way brass tap and timer Three curved metal shafts point skyward Banksia flower
Michael with both feet off the ground Plum blossom against blue sky A corrugated iron verandah Bronze pig rummages though a rubbish bin Bunches of flowers for sale Closeup of a small pink geranium Bill and Virginia Kenny
Michael holds a bubble on a bubble blower Rusty sheds Royal water lily flower Abstract pattern formed by bubbling water Michael composes a shot through the fence Sharp edges of hundreds of sandwiched sheets of glass Wooden slats cover a gap in a concrete fence
Street lined with other people's rubbish Strelitzia flower A Monopoly board A guy on a motorcycle, in the city A line of water arcs, with one in focus A shop window display with a tie rolled up on top of a pair of shoes Edithburgh tidal swimming pool
State Library banners glowing in the half-light A Colander used as a light shade Theen and Michael at the construction site of a wind generator tower Sunset

August 2004

Arrangment of backlit bottles
Impact sprinkler Rain drops hanging from a plum tree Nissan delivery van Street ceiling White daisy Hill's hoist mechanism fruit tree buds
gangway reflection in water Old Commonwealth Military Forces, South Australia building Driving through a tunnel Driving out of a tunnel View up First Creek to the waterfalls Rain drops on daisies Orange rock face
Water flowing over waterfall Yellow Arctotis flower and buds Bright orange flowers Woven metal gate Building under construction Michael and Theen rest on a rock Fence post
Moon, clouds and Bamboo gapanthus Seed-heads against blue sky A rusty corrugated iron shed North Terrace at night time Glass State Library entrance Orange Clivia flowers Magenta coloured Magnolia flowers
Car lights seen through a rainy windscreen Sign saying Adelaide Central Market, seen from behind

July 2004

Stainless-steel sculpture Floating Plane Tree leaves Spider-Man Lego layout Lioness and cub
Empty tables and chairs Old pieces of wood, piled up Yellow Jonquills Deep orange leaves on a blue sky Rainy Daffodils Sunset Birthday Cake
Gerberas and Lilies Dusk Pavement Chalk Art Art Gallery Facade White Jonquils Rows of colour pencils Cinema foyer
A chook eats from my hand A reed-filled dinghy accompanied by ducks Plate of roast duck State Library fountains Bubbles of water from the State Library fountains Streaky cloud patterns Starburst clouds
A view up to the top of the 'big top' Walking down a garden path Pinky-orange coloured rose The cannon-barrel of a jet fighter. A palm tree and a white house Japanese Anemone flower and bud

June 2004

Michael with oranges Life-saver next to lake Mandarin tree Mandarin tree fruiting Gawler Place intersection Stobie Pole Moss covered wall
Red flowers against blue sky Dusty hydraulic door-closer Leaves against an early winter sky New shoots from a bulb Multi-storey banners Mandarins autumn plane tree leaves against blue sky
A pair of new fern fronds Rose hip Paper lantern