Full Circle

June 14, 2005

I've come full-circle.

A year ago today, I took a photo of Michael, in my parents' dining-room. That photo became the first image to appear on seen objects, and, since then, I've put up an image-a-day (occasionally back-filling, as needed).

It seems appropriate to mark the occasion with a photo taken in that same room. (Also I've been pretty busy, and didn't manage to come up with anything cooler :-) ).

It's been a fun year; I've discovered so many wonderful photoblogs, and received many much-appreciated comments. Thanks to everyone who's commented — I know I'm lousy at replying, but I do appreciate them all.

Also, I'm way behind on visiting everybody's blogs, but I will get back into it — it's a great way to get my photo-creative-energy back.

Details: Nikon 105mm 1:2.8 macro, ~f/2.8, 1/25s, ISO 200.