VW 1300

October 16, 2005

30 (or is it 31) years ago, when I first met my friend Clive Conway, this was the car his mum would pick him up from school in. As Clive's currently working in the U.K., and he needed some shots of the car, he asked my to drop around and visit his mother, and her car.

The one thing I remembered most clearly about the car was the 'Jesus fish' (as I used to, and probably still do, think of it) — it turns out the fish is still there (in spirit anyway).

Details: Nikon 18-70mm, 70mm, f/4.5, 1/320s, ISO 200.

Note: I'm currently way behind on daily posting, having been away, and not in the posting 'mood', for a while. I'll be spending the next while catching up.

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