Spring Mauve

October 06, 2004

I'm not sure if this bush (top) and tree (bottom) are both mauve, or if they're lilac, or maybe pink, purple, or magenta. Regardless, I liked the look of them. The lady standing near the tree couldn't tell us what the tree was called, but did offer that it was planted in 1959.

Update March-2005: As pointed out in the comments, by Carny Asada, the top bush is a Lantana.

Across the road, I saw this fence:

bewareof dogs webite

At first I didn't see the missing 's' in the last line. I thought it was a dire warning to avoid Tiffany Ard's dog's website.

If you only visit one dog's website this season, make it Mowses Hum Pij — it's well worth a visit, and Mouse needs all the help and attention he can get.